I’m an amateur when it comes to photography. There are also other creative stuff here. The gallery is my basic place to showcase those tangential stuff which relate to design but aren’t part of the portfolio. All photography, illustrations or sculptures shown here are original works by me; yes I’m claiming the bad stuff too.

Plastic Prototypes

In progress…


Sallie Gardner Gyrocube

Trying to get better at the techniques already learned and maybe a learn a few more.



The evolution of a sculpture… much to learn about materials still.


Photo Journal of a Self Conscious Clone

This was my attempt of a 365 project you see on flickr. I had no idea how many people shoot these little guys, until I started doing it. Also didn’t account for the discipline required. The project was a way to focus on shooting small stuff and forcing me to use my newly acquired lens; Mission accomplished. For the daily captions, you should view this on flickr.


On The Move

A slide show about transportation.


Zoomed In

Up close and detailed.



A portrait gallery.


Like Polaroid

Instant fun with mobile shots.


Interesting Light



Snow. Lots of it.

You can visit my flickr account for more: