All photography and illustrations shown here are original works by me. Except when they’re not. You may steal only if I like you, you’ve paid me, or if you’re a big bully and I can’t do anything about it.
The stuff in my portfolio section is my work, but that doesn’t mean I work alone. So if you have specific questions or need clarification, just ask.

Full Disclosure

The site itself is hosted Media Temple. WordPress is used to manage the pages using Reveal theme from Theme Trust; Alterations and tweaks by me. This is the 11th version of my portfolio site. A few of the old versions are semi-functional still, if you care to go down my memory lane. v10 v9 v8

If you happen to notice something exploratory in nature popping up on this site, remember: I’m not getting paid for what I borrow. Promise.


This web site is a work-in-progress, like everything else in life. If you see something that bugs you, send me a note and I’ll think about fixing it.


I would like to thank everyone who has helped me with this web site and in life.

A big thanks must also go to all the netizens who I learn from and mimic each day.

I would like to thank all my design professors and instructors who scared me —and my classmates— shit-less during college with the forecast “majority of you will never become designers or work in your field of study”. It is true that the stuff I do today, I could not have fathomed when I was sniffing rubber cement and cutting rubellite (rubylith?).

Lastly, I would like to thank that forgotten kindergarten teacher who made me wear the spare pink shorts when I peed my pants, during a crucial soccer match, in the playground, in front of second-graders. The shorts that used to be red but were pink due to repeated bleach cycles after each ‘incident’. Without her foresight and the schools proactive policies, I would no doubt be peeing freely even to this day.