Ways to reach me:

active: that would be email!
hyper: @faz
old-school: fazthepersian —If you’re the IMing type.
immediate: 240.481.0335 —I often screen, but I do return phone calls. Maybe!

Go ahead and call him. Otherwise he’ll just keep slathering his hands with rubber cement, waiting for it to dry, and peeling it off.”

What you should provide me in your message:

You should provide your name and email address. Provide additional info as you see fit. For example, I can’t send you any christmas cards, if I don’t have your mailing address. As for your email address, it will NOT be added to any distribution lists, unless you want me to spam you. I get about 30-40 emails a day regarding various male performance enhancement drugs or re-finance offers. I wouldn’t dream of adding to the wasted bandwidth or to your pain. I pledge that any future policy changes will NOT retroactively add your info to any distribution list of any kind.