Let me create an aura of greatness by talking about my self in third person…

Faz was born. Then he grew up rather fast. In fact, he often wishes he was 5 again and could say dumb things which adults would pass up as cute and mildly funny.

At the ripe age of 12ish, he switched countries and language and a few other things including his shorts. Because puberty alone is not enough of a culture shock, he took on the name Faz — his real name being Farzad, which you shouldn’t try with out a pronunciation guide. Neither did his 7th grade classmates who enjoyed watching re-runs of Happy Days after school. Slightly shorter then the Fonz at the time, it seemed fitting to subtract a letter and call him Faz… and so it was.

A few milestones later, Faz found himself in college where he learned he was not really interested in mechanical engineering after all. With much consideration, and against his initial distaste for trendy black-rimmed eye-wear, he joined the creative class and got himself a degree in graphic/advertising design. The slash advertising part remains somewhat of a mystery to this day.

He began his career in less-then-common design arrangements. Working in newspaper production, preparing research presentations or designing something called the Wallboard™. He eventually gave in to the black t-shirt wearing crowd and worked for a more traditional design shop. — the attempt at humor in this write up is beginning to get a little less funny… but stay with me…

After starting his career designing for print, Faz began designing for the function driven online medium. Today, he enjoys the challenge of blending form and function to build an engaging experience and designing user interfaces. Throughout his design career he has worked for AARP, AOL, US Airways, Terrapin Systems, USWeb/CKS, Low + Associates Inc., Snyder Communication Inc. and Maryland Media Inc. Although he has returned to his roots, away from the design clichés, he still does drop names here and there.

Always keepin’ it real, he stays in touch with the current trends through vigilant observation of what everybody else is doing. This is almost a freakish obsession with him. Hearing him geek-out about the interaction of some random gadget is not uncommon.

To keep up with the youths, he instructs classes about subjects others seem to think he knows something about. Although the validity of this has not yet been fully proven.

Faz’s journey thru life takes him beyond the confines of the District. From diving out of a perfectly functional airplane (which happened), to a Futaleufu River whitewater adventure (not yet happened), to drunken political conversations with the locals in Galway (happened) or a 6 month tour of the pacific rim (only in his dreams!) … adventures seem easy to find when he finally pulls away from the computer. Faz hopes to find himself on exotic trips, and away from the screen, more often.

Above was inspired by true events. No animals were injured during the testing of the humor. This however does not guarantee your satisfaction. And for that, we apologize.