Brightcove Video Implementation

A few years back, we began a multimedia task with a humble ambition: put all the video assets into one place. AARP had all it’s video and audio content in multiple places on several large websites. In an effort to unify the entire online experience we set out to combine all the sites into one. But that’s a much longer post!
Rather then building new players with a home grown library of some sort, we setup an account with Brightcove, and began pulling in content together — still in progress. It was immediately helpful in creating a simpler and more unified experience for the users. But the inventory of content was limited and the organization would take some time. There was already a new CMS development in progress plus new community platform and other heavy lifting before the relaunch of the site. During that time, our dev team used their API and the authors began calling on the assets directly from our CMS which marked a turning point in that you now had few multimedia pros uploading content and many authors pulling them in their pages, as needed.
Pretty soon the meta data habits kicked in and folks started to learn the benefits of tagging things properly and bringing up more relevant content. Playlists became common as the content inventory gradually grew. Site got relaunched and with it came new players with more features. With higher adoption by the authors, the traffic jumped up significantly; at a faster rate then the non video content.
Mobile platform wasn’t left behind for too long either. We changed settings a few times to get the right renditions for all our use cases. After getting the app developers talking to brightcove the iPhone and Android apps were pulling from the list of assets (1700+ at the time of this post). We now have a true platform that delivers to multiple profiles and serves the video needs of the organization.

So here we are, about 3 years later, Brightcove made the video below to showcase AARP among their clients which was a rare opportunity for me to be in the piece itself. You can read the full case study.