Elizabeth Rex

Marketing and promotional collateral for Keegan Theatre’s Elizabeth Rex starting with the poster design. Postcards, email distribution and other typical promotional materials followed the same general art direction. You can also see quick step-by-step of this poster.

Elizabeth Rex Poster

Poster for a play at The Keegan Theatre

Elzabeth Rex Postcard

Postcard for a play at The Keegan Theatre

In 1601, Queen Elizabeth I was forced by duty to condemn to death a man widely believed to be her former lover. On the night before the execution, she demanded that William Shakespeare’s acting troupe, The Lord Chamberlain’s Men, perform a play to distract her from the heartbreak that would occur in the morning. This much is truth. Timothy Findley takes these historical facts, blends in a few “what if?” questions, and creates a powerhouse play about men, women, fantasy, death, and ultimately, love.

Elizabeth Rex email

Email for a play at The Keegan Theatre