National Science Foundation – Where Discoveries Begin

NSF - Where Discoveries Begin

This piece was used to show the value of the programs funded by NSF through the impact that scientific discovery has on everyday life.

The very nature of National Science Foundation dictates that they produce a lot of documents. Each document has a tremendous amount of detail and scientific program within NSF that it represents. What NSF sorely needed, however, was some kind of collateral or publication that captured what they do as a whole organization – a flagship piece that could be used for anything and any audience. Our team went through rounds of conversations with too many stakeholders. Eventually, the designer on the job burned out and kindly asked me if I could pick up the research where he left off. The design was eventually approved and the piece turned out to be what everyone wanted.

The biggest lesson, and also what I believe to be the success of the piece, was that there was recognition of the spinning in circles by our team. We knew that somewhere in the large pile of reserached information was a simple design waiting to present itself. But we weren’t going to get there unless we refocused our efforts.